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Prospective and current Straight Talk customers can view an up-to-date coverage map on the Straight Talk website. Because Straight Talk uses several other providers' cell towers, service area coverage depends on the type of device the customer will be using.


StraightTalk.com provides a coverage map that allows current users to search by ZIP code and phone number to determine the available coverage. The phone used on the network also affects the available coverage zone.


Straight Talk Wireless displays a map of its coverage area on its sales website, sale.straighttalk.com. Straight Talk's website also features a regional coverage by entering the ZIP Code or mobile phone number.


Cell phone coverage maps are rarely accurate, according to a Lifehacker user poll. Of the 2,592 users who responded to the poll, only 15 percent said that the coverage map offered by their provider accurately represented the service they received.


AT&T's official website, ATT.com, provides a phone service coverage map. The map also shows data and GoPhone coverage, Wi-Fi hotspots and AT&T store locations across the United States and internationally.


Depending on the phone the consumer chooses, his Straight Talk coverage in his home area could be the same as his coverage with a postpaid carrier. The greatest differences in coverage are in areas where the assigned network coverage is spotty, as Straight Talk does not allow roaming.


Wireless coverage maps are visual representations that show the varying levels of wireless service available to customers in a given area from mobile providers. Providers, including T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and MetroPCS, have websites with pages showing the wireless coverage map for the customer's


The websites of individual service providers including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile display area coverage maps for their wireless calling plans. Other sites, such as Sensorly.com and OpenSignal.com, compare wireless network access in specific locations throughout the United States.


Find the AT&T wireless coverage map in the Maps section on ATT.com. To access the map, navigate to the ATT.com homepage, hover over the Coverage Maps part of the navigation bar and select the Wireless option.


A coverage map for Cricket Wireless cell phones is available on the Cricket website at Cricketwireless.com/map. The map shows complete nationwide Cricket coverage at all levels of coverage. The Cricket network includes LTE, 4G, 3G and 2G coverage zones.