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The unlocking of any mobile phone is required only when moving the device from one carrier's network to another compatible network. Unlocking a mobile device is the process of receiving and entering a special unlock code from a mobile carrier in order to activate a device on other networks.


Some different types of Samsung flip phones are Samsung Rugby 4, Samsung Convoy 3, Samsung Chrono 2 and Samsung M400 (Sprint). Samsung Jitterbug Plus and Samsung Gusto 2 are other flip phones.


Phone cases for Straight Talk LG phones are available at many online retailers such as Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and Best Buy.com. They are also available in auctions and at Buy it Now pricing on eBay.com.


On most Samsung phones, four ascending bars in the top right corner of the screen indicate the signal strength. A circle with a line through it in the same location indicates that there is no signal. A battery with a lightning bolt inside means that the device is charging.


Straight Talk cell phones are prepaid phones available through TracFone Wireless and don't require users to sign a contract or pass a credit check. Rather than paying monthly bills, users select a pay-as-you-go plan that includes data, text messaging and phone calls. In addition to buying phones thr


The most basic Straight Talk data plan includes 1,500 minutes of talk time, unlimited texting, free 411 calls, no contracts and optional auto refill. Straight Talk is a mobile phone plan that allows customers to avoid overage charges and provides 3 gigabytes of high-speed data each month.


As of January 2015, Samsung's general technical support number is 800-726-7864. In addition, the company provides separate technical support numbers to contact depending on the nature of the call and the product in question.


The Talking Tom Cat application is compatible with all Android phones, including Samsung. The free app is available for download on these phones.


Verizon Straight Talk phones are available at Wal-Mart, both online and in stores. The store offers free shipping on some models, if certain criteria are met. Customers may also purchase some models online and pick them up in a store on the same day.


Samsung.com, GeekAPhone.com and PhoneArena.com allow users to compare different Samsung Galaxy phone models. Site users select models for comparison and can review benefits and drawbacks for each phone.