To paint a stove top, cut off the power to the stove, clean the stove, prepare the work area, and spray the stove top with spray paint. Apply two or three coats of paint to get the desired result. More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Problems such as scratches, cracks and plastic melts on the glass stove-top surface are repaired by buffing with nail polish, scraping with a metal spatula or by replacing the cooktop glass. If the stove is not heating p... More »

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Removing spray paint from wood can be a simple process involving sanding or a medium-sized project using chemicals depending on whether the entire wood will be painted to cover the affected area, or a little effort will ... More »

To paint a textured refrigerator, sand the surface of any area of the appliance that will be painted and then use an epoxy spray paint to recolor and refinish the refrigerator. It works best to remove the doors before pa... More » Home & Garden Appliances Refrigerators & Freezers

To simmer food on an electric stove, the temperature control dial or button should be set to medium-low. This keeps the temperature between 180 F and 200 F, which is just below the boiling point. Depending on the stove, ... More »