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[all Children's Version Bible Stories] [Pentecost Index] [Children's Story] [Teacher's Guide] DLTK's Bible Stories for Children Pentecost. by Sharla Guenther. What is Pentecost? This is a very special time in the Bible when the disciples and other Christians received the Holy Spirit.


Narrator: Before Jesus returned to Heaven to sit at God's right hand, He promised that the Holy Spirit would come, and that the Spirit would teach the disciples everything they needed to know.What was it like the day that the Holy Spirit came? In this story from the New Testament book of Acts, we'll hear what happened as God fulfilled that great promise.


Depending on your church tradition, Pentecost can be a big celebration. But it’s a very important part of the church’s story and something that children will be curious about as they learn to read their Bibles. On this page I’m compiling some resources for teaching the Pentecost story for kids ...


Strange and Miraculous! The Story of Pentecost as told by Linda Sue Pochodzay Edwards on award-winning Childrens Chapel site, featuring Bible stories from a variety of authors, excellent Christian resources for children, and over 140 links to other Christian and family-friendly sites for kids.


Bible stories for kids - Jesus heals the paralyzed man ( Hindi Cartoon ... Pentecost I Stories of Jesus I Animated Children's Bible Stories | Holy Tales Bible Stories - Duration: 3:52 ...


The Story of Pentecost; When the day of Pentecost came, the Apostles were all together in one place. It was ten days after Jesus had gone back to heaven. Before he had left them, He had made a promise. "The Holy Spirit will come to you. He will give you power to tell people about me."


Since children are the pros on birthday parties, it is a good Sunday for them to be involved in lots of ways. Go to Celebrating Pentecost for a list of 27 ways to do this – everything from everyone wear red that day to having readers scattered throughout the congregation read the Pentecost story in different languages at the same time. To ...


In my experience, kids always love wearable crafts. This is pretty easy to make, too, so it’s a win win. 😉 You can find all of my Pentecost resources here. Here’s the Bible story of the Pentecost from Acts 2, 1-4: “When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together. And suddenly there came from the sky a ...


This printable Bible lesson would serve well in children’s Sunday School. You could also modify it for children’s church. It teaches about the Day of Pentecost where God gave the gift of the Holy Spirit to the early church.Be sure to note the additional resource links at the end of the lesson for more crafts and activities.. Bible Story: Pentecost and the Gift of the Holy Spirit