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When Medusa saw the artwork, she commented that the artist had done a fine job considering the goddess's thick eyebrows -- but imagine how much more wonderful the painting would be if it was of someone as delicate as Medusa. And when Medusa reached the altar she sighed happily and said, “My this is a beautiful temple.


Just as in some of our favorite action stories, not all characters in Greek myths were good or nice. Let's learn about an important bad guy in Greek mythology, Medusa.


Medusa is a character in Greek mythology. Her story has been told and retold by ancient and modern storytellers, writers, and artists. The Latin poet Ovid writes in Book IV of his Metamorphoses that Poseidon attacked Medusa in the temple of Athena.The goddess became angry, and changed Medusa into a monster with snakes for hair.


Medusa and Athena - Ancient Greek Goddesses - Greek Mythology In later myths (mainly in Ovid) Medusa was the only Gorgon to possess snake locks because they were a punishment from Athena.


Today we look at one of the most misunderstood characters in Greek mythology, Medusa. We examine how she became the monster that she is so widely regarded as. #Mythology #GreekMythology # ...


The Posthumous Fate of Medusa. Strangely enough, Medusa’s story doesn’t end with her death. In fact, one can argue that the most peculiar fragments of her biography are all posthumous. Medusa’s Children · The Lament of the Gorgons. For Medusa was pregnant at the time of her death, ...


Read the short story and myth of Medusa and visit the Ancient world of gods & monsters. The story and myth of Medusa features pictures from mythology and legend. The short story & myth of Medusa is a suitable for kids and children.


Medusa was a formidable foe, since her hideous appearance was able to render any onlooker into stone. In some variations of the myth, Medusa was born a monster like her sisters, described as girded with serpents, vibrating tongues, gnashing their teeth, having wings, brazen claws, and enormous teeth.In later myths (mainly in Ovid) Medusa was the only Gorgon to possess snake locks, because they ...