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The value of a Story & Clark piano ranges from $4,200 to $17,400, as of 2014. The specific price depends on the type, size and finish of the piano. The most affordable Story & Clark piano is a 110, which is a vertical piano model that is 45 inches long. It has a polished ebony finish. The next largest in size and price is the 118 model.


Story & Clark is one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive both The Great Depression and World War II without being absorbed into a larger conglomerate. In 1962, Story & Clark was purchased by the Lowery Organ Company. The firm built pianos under both the “Story & Clark” and “Lowery” brand names.


The serial number of your piano can be found stamped somewhere on the frame or soundboard. On Story & Clark grand pianos the number may be found on the key stop rail and/or the soundboard. The number shown here is the last serial number manufactured in that year. Serial numbers for newer Story & Clark grand and upright pianos are not available.


Story and Clark pianos are among the most innovative pianos in the world. They have combined the features of the traditional piano along with some of the latest technology in piano manufacturing. With this combination, the player can enjoy the best experience of playing the piano with quality features of a well-made piano. Company History


The Story & Clark name was then purchased in 1991 by the Classic Player Piano Co., and then by QRS Piano Music Technologies in 1993 where Story & Clark pianos were manufactured in Seneca, Pennsylvania. In 2002 pianos ceased to be manufactured in the U.S.A. Pianos bearing the Story & Clark name were then made in China by the Dongbei piano company;


Story & Clark Pianos. Signature Series Reproducing Grands. The Park West; The Fairfax; The Melrose; The Cosmopolitan; The Islander ... Artist Conservatory; Artist Professional; Artist Semi-Concert; Heritage Recording Pianos. The Academy; The Cosmopolitan (Signature) Story & Clark Originals. Click To View. About Us. History; Serial Numbers ...


Age plays a huge factor in the value of a piano because it is the primary way to measure the amount of wear the mechanical parts have on them. Based on the current piano market this Story and Clark spinet piano has an approximate value of $400-$520 in a private sale. I hope this helps and wish you the best!


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I am looking at a Story & Clark Piano (serial # 585489). It measures 36 inches tall, 24 inches in depth and 53 inches wide. It appears that its hammers are little above the keys. How do I know if this is a Spinet or a Console upright? From the information I gathered, from the height this appears to be a Spinet. Is there a way to confirm this using the Serial Number?