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The only way to properly freeze uncooked potatoes is to cut and blanch them, which helps maintain their texture and flavor. Raw potatoes that are frozen without blanching become very watery and lose their structure when thawed.


There is little bacterial danger present in uncooked pasta if it has been properly stored and handled. However, cooking pasta breaks down starches, making it easier to digest.


Eating raw oatmeal is safe and very healthy. Uncooked oatmeal can be added to foods such as yogurts and salads, according to WebMD.


Although there are some diets that advocate eating raw rice, uncooked rice can be harmful because if it contains Bacillus cereus or lectin. Eating uncooked or undercooked rice infected with these substances can cause food poisoning.


Uncooked chicken can safely stay in the fridge for only one to two days after its sell-by date before its condition starts to deteriorate. Raw chicken can last longer when it is placed in a freezer, which increases its usage time to up to nine months.


Burlap bags, wicker baskets and paper grocery bags are great ways to store potatoes long term. If kept in a dry dark place, potatoes can last two to three months from harvest.


Sugar snap peas can be eaten without being cooked. Raw uncooked sugar snap peas are an easy low-calorie, healthy snack.