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A simple solution would be to keep my covered butter dish out on the counter or in a cupboard, where the butter stays room temperature and perfectly spreadable at all times. But for some reason I just haven’t been able to do it, which makes me wonder: Does butter really need to be refrigerated?


My parents always had the butter refrigerated, but my grandma always had one stick out on the counter, in a covered dish. I like the spreadability of the butter kept unrefrigerated, and I think it tastes better too. However, I don’t believe we go through butter quick enough to keep it on the counter all the time.


Like many people, Joelle Mertzel, a mom and resident in Los Angeles, California, always thought butter ought to be kept in the fridge, seeing how, one, it’s a dairy product; two, the label says “keep refrigerated”; and three, it’s sold from refrigerated cases in the store.The logic follows. This was at least until one day several years ago when she left a stick out on the counter, only ...


Consider using a butter bell, also known as a French butter keeper, to store butter at room temperature. The container stores butter in a cup, held in cool water, to prevent air from reaching the butter and causing rancidity. Otherwise, keep the butter covered in its original wrapping or in a covered butter dish, on a counter away from direct ...


If you want to store butter on the counter, an airtight container is a must. RPJ / Courtesy Butter Bell. Using an air tight container and cooler temperatures are also key to keeping up the fresh ...


How to Store Butter. Butter can be stored in the fridge, the freezer, or covered on the counter. While most people store their butter in the fridge, all types of butter can be frozen without noticeably affecting quality. Salted butter and...


If you’d like to store salted, pasteurized butter on the counter, go for it. Make sure to put it in a butter dish or crock to protect it from dust and other contaminants. Butter will stay edible for up to two weeks, assuming your house is kept at around 70º. Yes, the butter will spoil eventually.


For this reason, some people store butter on the counter rather than in the fridge. But does butter go bad if you leave it out? This article explores whether it actually needs to be refrigerated ...


Either way, leaving your butter on the counter in a covered container is perfectly safe, but all things in moderation. So let’s review. Keeping butter in the fridge makes it hard and flavorless.


My wife has run into two people this week that store their butter on the counter or in the cupboard to keep the butter soft for spreading. I have read a few articles and the ones that say it is safe to do mention that salted butter is the best choice because of the salt acting like a preservative.