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Chelsea is wondering how to store her brown sugar. She writes: I just saw the question about storing flour, and it made me think my brown sugar always gets hard before I can use it all. How do you store brown sugar? Chelsea, brown sugar gets hard because it has a lot of moisture in


Brown sugar differs from white sugar in that it contains more moisture – thanks to the molasses syrup. When the moisture evaporates, largely due to improper storage of the already-opened box of brown sugar, the sugar hardens and forms a large brick.


Freezing dry goods is a great way to store them and extend their shelf life. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. ... Question: Storing Brown Sugar in the Freezer. By Sharon [1 Post] 0 found this helpful. December 4, 2007. Can brown sugar be stored in the freezer? Sharon from Minneapolis, MN.


I subscribed to StartCooking.com for the easy to follow video recipes but at the rate I am getting these kitchen tips emails, like today’s How to Store Brown Sugar, I am going to know more than my mother soon!To think I put up with hard-rock brown sugar all these years, not realizing I can simply toss an apple into it, or microwave it.


Freezing brown sugar can actually preserve its quality. When storing brown sugar, try to keep it in a cool area, which makes the freezer an ideal location. As well as using the freezer, brown sugar can also be stored in a tight-lidded container. In that case, make sure that the container has no rust as this could negatively influence flavor.


To use frozen sugar, thaw it for two or three hours. If ice crystals form after long freezer storage, gently stir the sugar as soon as it thaws to prevent pockets of moisture from causing damage. Q. Why does brown sugar harden and how can it be softened? A. Brown sugar becomes hard when moisture in the sugar evaporates. Therefore, the various ...


Storing brown sugar in a tightly sealed container (such as tupperware, rubbermaid, etc.) is the best method. Once it dries out however it can be re-moisturized by placing a piece of apple or bread with it inside a tightly sealed container.


Dear Heloise: How long can I keep sugar and flour in a tightly closed container? Can I store them in a freezer? L. Mills in Houston. Both sugar (granulated) and flour (all-purpose) can be stored ...


Chances are, if you're like most cooks, you have limited freezer space. Don't waste this precious space on sugar -- save it for perishable foods, such as meats, grated cheese and breads. How to Store Sugar. The best way to store sugar is in air-tight, lidded containers, such as food-grade plastic bins, glass jars or polyester film bags.