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Where is the genetic information of the cell stored? cytoskeleton. The structural framework in a cell is the. mitochondria. Where in a cell is ATP made? ... Start studying animal cell. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Log in Sign up. 9 terms. swagoner2. animal cell. FLASHCARDS.


The nucleus is the part of the cell that contains most of the genetic information found in cells. Genetic information is stored within a DNA molecule, tightly wound into a structure known as a chromosome. A tiny amount of genetic information is found in the mitochondria, outside of the nucleus.


The role of DNA is to store genetic information. The genetic information is stored in the chemical structure of the DNA. There is a backbone that consists of a sugar and phosphate.


DNA itself is storehouse of genetic information. In prokaryotes DNA remains naked and it lies in protoplasm but in eukaryotes DNA is highly packed and stored away from cytoplasm. In prokaryotes, genetic DNA is circular, located in a region of cell called Nucleoid , the area is not partitioned from surrounding protoplasm. Some small circular DNA called plasmids may sometimes be present in ...


Genetic information is stored in several places, which are DNA molecules, genes, chromosomes, mitochondria and the genome. Different amounts and types of genetic information are stored in these locations. The majority of genetic information is stored within individual DNA molecules, although it is found in other cellular locations as well.


In mitosis the two sets of genetic material separate and each daughter cell receives one complete set of chromosomes.The loss of any DNA during mitosis would mean that the daughter cell would not receive a complete of chromosomes and valuable genetic information would not be transmitted from one generation to the next.


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Encoded by the DNA comprising the Genes which sit on the Chromosomes in the cells Nucleus. The genetic information in the cell is stored in the nucleus. the nucleus controls the cell and is like a ...


a cell organelle that stores materials such as water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates chloroplast an organelle found in the cells of plants and some other organisms that uses energy from sunlight to make energy-rich food molecules by photosynthesis


DNA stores genetic information but other molecule which also serve as genetic material is RNA which is found generally in plant viruses. So both DNA & RNA are genetic material.