If an individual has no experience replacing batteries in watches, an authorized Swiss Army service center provides the best option for replacing the battery. Typically, shops and jewelry stores that deal in fine watches... More »

To replace a watch battery, open the band, place the watch in a vice, open up the back, and remove the old battery. Clean out the battery compartment, place the new battery inside, and close the watch. More »

To replace the battery in a Citizen watch, first steady the watch either in its original packaging or face down on a soft cloth to protect the face from being scratched. Determine the tool needed to remove the back of th... More »

As of August, 2015, both Victorinox Swiss Army and Wenger NA, the two companies marketing Swiss Army watches, provide links to Swiss Army watch user manuals on their websites; SwissArmy.com for Victorinox Swiss Army and ... More »

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To find out what size battery fits a watch, look for the battery identification number, refer to the owner’s manual, and check the numbers indicated on the battery itself. The exact method to find the correct battery siz... More »

Cheap replacement watch batteries are good and do work, but they do not keep a charge as long as many name-brand batteries. However, watches that have many features or require a high voltage charge do not function as wel... More »

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To change the battery of a Fossil Blue Watch, the user must remove the back case of the watch, remove the old battery by popping open the clip that holds it in place and insert a new battery. The tools required for this ... More »