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Even though my local stores carry washing soda, I have found it is a lot more economical to buy baking soda and create it. Trisha Taillon. Jul 25, 2018 at 10:39 pm. I just started making my own laundry soap. I use castile lavender bar soap and use baking soad and oxyclean mixed in it. I use vinegar with lavender essential in it for fabric softener.


Best Answer: Wal-Mart should have Arm and Hammer washing soda in the laundry section. Also, washing soda is soda carbonate,and it is available in many pool supply stores as a pH increaser-sodium carbonate.


When stores do carry it, it will generally be found in the laundry aisle, under the name of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. I have not seen a generic version available. If you cannot find it in a store near you, you can buy it over the Internet, such as through my link above.


Where to Find Washing Soda in Stores. Many grocery stores and big box stores carry washing soda in their laundry aisle. It's typically kept with Borax - a cleansing agent often paired with washing soda to make laundry soap - and other specialty items.


Washing soda is a white, odorless powder that looks very similar to baking soda, though the texture is slightly grittier. Take care to store washing soda in a dry area because it absorbs moisture readily and will turn brick-hard when it does.


Even at $5 per pound for washing soda, making your own laundry detergent is still incredibly cheap. But why pay more for washing soda when soda ash is so much cheaper? You can easily order soda ash online in 5-lb. quantity or save big on a 50-lb. bucket. Or, just find a store that sells swimming pool supplies in your area.


Washing soda is in the same family as baking soda, but it is just sodium carbonate, not sodium BI-carbonate like baking soda. Sidenote: the walmart in our city also does NOT carry washing soda or Borax, but the kmart website has it, so I will try my local kmart next.


Arm & Hammer Super Wash Soda, Detergent Booster at Walgreens. Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for Arm & Hammer Super Wash Soda, Detergent Booster


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Wal-mart and Meijer both carry washing soda, also Kroger Stores carry it if you cant find it talk to you store manager and let them know they reaqlly need to start carry it. (11/01/2009) By Cindy Kosloski