The law allows consumers to contact their bank and request a stop-payment on a check if the money has not already been moved from the account, states the FDIC. In most states, a written request for stop-payment is honore... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Bank Accounts

The bank can chose to honor a stop payment request on a certified check. The bank may be liable for damages relating to a wrongful dishonor if it chooses to enforce the stop payment request. More »

When someone stops payment on a check, their bank may charge them to do so, according to Bankrate. As of 2005, these charges ranged between $18 and $32 among the largest banks. More »

Old bank accounts can be located by visiting the bank that holds the missing account, inquiring about the account with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and checking with the state unclaimed property office, expl... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Bank Accounts

The Arkansas "hot check" law comes into effect when a person in the state of Arkansas writes a check for an amount he knows cannot be covered by the money in his bank account. Whether the hot-check writer has committed a... More »

Financial Web notes that to close a joint bank account, one or both of the account holders must go to the bank in person and request to close the account. The bank may require the account holder to show photo identificat... More »

To close a bank account, send a written request to close the account, along with contact information, personal information, account number and any other required documentation, according to Banks send the rema... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Bank Accounts