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If the employee had worked only 30 hours during the work week, the paycheck will show gross wages of $450 (30 x $15). Definition of Salary. Salary is associated with employee compensation quoted on an annual basis, such as $50,000 per year. Many employees working in a company's general office will be paid a salary.


Stipend Versus Salary Definitions from Wikipedia: A stipend is a form of salary, such as for an internship or apprenticeship. It is often distinct from a wage or a salary because it does not necessarily represent payment for work performed, instead it represents a payment that enables somebody to be exempt partly or wholly from waged or ...


A stipend is a payment made to a trainee or learner for living expenses, unlike a salary or wages which are paid to an employee. Though the terms "stipend" and "salary" are often used interchangeably, the U.S. Department of Labor has specific criteria that must be met to pay a stipend.


Difference between Salary and Stipend. Tweet. Key difference: A salary is the payment or remuneration that one receives in return for work and/or services provided. A stipend is usually paid during the term of an internship or apprenticeship. It differs from a salary, as it is not paid as remuneration for work provided.


Depending on the type of work you do, you can receive hourly pay, a salary or pay per assignment. There is also a form of compensation called a "stipend" that is less common than hourly or salary pay as stipends are only paid in select situations. A stipend is a type of compensation that is similar to a ...


The essential difference between a salary and wages is that a salaried person is paid a fixed amount per pay period and a wage earner is paid by the hour. Someone who is paid a salary is paid a fixed amount in each pay period, with the total of these fixed payments over a full year summing to the amount of the salary.


The Fair Labor Standards Act determines whether or not U.S. workers are eligible to be paid by salary or must be paid an hourly wage. Hourly workers must be paid time and a half for overtime ...


What Is the Difference Between a Stipend and a Salary? Stipends are often monies paid to a worker or student for which taxes have not been deducted. Taxes are deducted from a salary before it is paid to an employee.


The differences between salary and wages are presented in this article in tabular form. Salary is the fixed amount of compensation which is paid for the performance of an employee. Wage is the variable amount of compensation which is paid on the basis of hours spent in finishing the certain amount of work.


Wage and Hour Division (WHD) FLSA2005-51. ... is not intended or provided as a substitute for wages. Nor is the stipend based on the amount of time spent on coaching or the productivity of the team. For example, there is no extra payment for participation in play-offs, regional or state championships, or tournaments. ...