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Use fire. Use a gas-fueled fire because they leave less residue behind. Place the needle tip in the flame until it glows red. Sterilizing a needle in a flame is good for home use, but doesn't get completely sterile because the needle can pick up contaminants in the air afterwards.


There are a number of reasons you may need to sterilize needles at home, such as for the removal of shallow wood, metal, or glass splinters. If you wish to sterilize a needle of any type at home ...


That, folks, is how to properly sterilize a needle via fire or flame when an accident requiring its use arises. Lesson Summary Sterilization is important to perform when a situation arises where a ...


How to Sterilize a Needle. If a needle is going to be used to puncture the skin, even a shallow puncture, it is necessary to sterilize the needle first. Needles can be sterilized in basically two different ways--by the application of heat or through chemical means, such as soaking it in rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.


However, it is not ideal if the needle is going to be used for medical purposes or piercing and tattooing. Using steam . Steam is widely used and can be the answer to how to sterilize a needle. When using steam to sterilize a needle, a pressure cooker set at fifteen pounds per square inch is sufficient.


Burning the needle, heating the foil, etc? Can I use cotton and alcohol to sterilize the needle after every inoculation instead of burning it? It is pretty difficult to burn anything in an airtight glovebox, and dangerous if you sprayed Lysol on it.


Fire: A direct flame sterilizes metals at red heat. This principle is used to sterilize the acupuncture needle in hot needle therapy. The needle is held over a spirit lamp flame, till the shaft of the needle becomes red hot. When the .metal is at red heat, no organism thrives, on it, and, hence, it is a good method of sterilization.


Like Quora User wrote, most bacteria die when the metallic object they're on is heated in a flame. Not that that would have mattered in the scene described, how many seamstresses and housewives had had an infection from a needle prick while sewing...


How to Sterilize Instruments. Unless you have a commercial autoclave and a power source, or some prepackaged sterile products, you’re going to have to make do with what you have and sterilize the best you can. Before you sterilize, always clean any obvious debris off your instruments. Clean with soap and water or alcohol.


Although a few hundred spores inside of the syringe may become incinerated during the flame sterilization of your needle, there are billions and billions of spores inside of your syringe to back up the few that maybe lost in the needle during flame sterilization.