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Teen Driver Resources. Get more info on the basics of driving and what it takes to get your first driver’s license. Teens can also find sample test questions for their driver’s exams...


How to Get Your Driving Permit. One of the most exciting parts of being a teenager is learning how to drive. But before you're ready to hit the road, you'll have go through the process of obtaining your learner's permit, which includes...


Texas Learners Permit for Teens. Teens enrolled in an approved parent taught drivers ed online course, or a traditional driving school, can apply for their learners permit after completing the first six hours of the course. Our approved course has a complete check list of each item your teen will need to bring, in order to apply for and receive their learners permit.


After you have held your learner's permit for 6 months, the next step in the GDL process is to get your provisional license. For steps on how to get your provisional driver's license in Texas, please visit our TX Provisional License page. Minor Restricted Driver License (MRDL)


How do I get my California Driving Permit? Driver's Education is the first step in getting your California Driving Permit. Our DMV approved course is self-paced with no timers. If you have not started yet, take a look at the COURSE page. You can view 100% of our course before you decide to buy.


Learner's Permit — What are the Rules? Getting a learner's permit in Florida means you have driving privileges, but they are restricted. Once you've obtained your permit you are required to do the following when operating a motor vehicle: At all times you must be accompanied by a licensed driver in the front passenger seat. This driver must ...


Steps to Getting Your Oklahoma Learner's Permit To drive in Oklahoma, teens under the age of 18 need to start with a learner's permit before being granted a full driver license. A learner's permit allows new drivers a full year of supervised driving, so they can get comfortable and absorb safety rules with the guidance of another experienced ...


Getting a permit is the first step to get your driver license. Most people apply for a Class 'D - Operator' permit. [fn]There are special requirements to apply for a motorcycle permit/license, a commercial learner permit, a taxi license, or enhanced permit. [/fn] You must be 16 or older and must apply in person at a DMV office.


You must be at least 15 ½, but under 18 years to get a permit. To obtain a permit you must: Complete a Driver License or Identification Card Application. Make an appointment before visiting a DMV office (walk-ins are only accepted at our Driver License Processing Centers). Provide your social security number.


Steps to getting your first license Teens 16-17 years old. Under 18? Get your first driver license and find out what rules apply to you. 18 years old and over. Get your first driver license if you're 18 and over. Instruction permits. Get an instruction (learner's) permit to practice driving. Driver training programs