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The first step in a CRM process is to identify any hazards that may occur. This involves ranking any potential hazards in the order in which they may occur. The five categories used to rank hazards are: frequent, likely, occasional, seldom and unlikely.


Steps of the purchasing process include need identification, product and supplier selection, purchase order submission and payment. The process enables individuals and companies to prevent fraud, cut costs, comply with regulations and manage procurement risks. While the process varies from organizat


To perform long division, start by writing the number you want to divide. Make a division box over the number, and write the number you are dividing by the number by to the left of the box. Proceed digit by digit, dividing the outside number by the inside.


According to About.com, the first step of the lithification process is compaction. This step involves the squeezing of sediments into a smaller volume by making the particles more closely packed, by eliminating water from the pore space or by pressure solution at contact points.


Admitting powerlessness, finding hope, surrendering, taking inventory and sharing one's inventory are the first five steps in a 12-step alcoholism program. The 12 steps in programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous focus on personal accountability and making amends.


Entrepreneurs have to make gut calls all the time. Here's a simple way to improve them. Some of your decisions will yield to careful analysis. If you're trying to decide between two suppliers, for instance, or maybe two different investment or tax arrangements, a spreadsheet and some math can probab


Ever have one of those days where you’re just pissed off for no reason? Or you’re anxious, but can’t really narrow down why? Over at The Atlantic, they spoke with David Caruso, co-founder of the Emotional Intelligence Skills Group to come up with a process for managing those emotions. Ever have one


Turn rejection into success with these four proven sales tips. Rejection can be a tough pill to swallow, but of all types of people, those in sales experience rejection the most. And honestly, learning how to love rejection and embrace the suck is the best thing a salesperson can do for themselves.


Seeking funding for your business shouldn't be a one-time endeavor. Here are four stages of business development that can serve as a road map for your funding strategy. Entrepreneurs care most about turning their vision into a real business, but often lack sufficient capital. Yet going hat-in-hand t


As humans, it’s natural for our emotions to hijack your decision making process. And that’s okay. But when you really need to prioritize logic over emotion, arming your mind with the rational decision making model can help be as objective as possible. Overview of all products Overview of free tools