To preserve ginger root in syrup, peel the ginger, and cut it into slices or chunks. Soak the ginger pieces overnight, and then boil them in a saucepan on the stove. Let the ginger simmer over low heat until it is tender... More »

To preserve nuts at room temperature, sterilize the nuts by freezing them for two days at 0 degrees Fahrenheit to kill pests and their eggs. If you bought the nuts from a store, you don't need to freeze them. Put the nut... More » Food Food Storage

Preserve decorative gourds by first washing them in bleach water and wiping them dry or wiping them with bleach disinfecting cloths to prevent mold. Cure the gourds in a warm room for 10 days to six months, depending on ... More » Food Food Storage

You can preserve harvested horseradish by drying or freezing. To dry, peel and slice the root into uniformly thick pieces. This can be done using a food processor or knife. Spread the horseradish in a single layer on par... More » Food Food Storage

Food preservation is essential because it extends the length of time during which the food is nutritionally viable and safe to eat. Most fresh fruits, vegetables and animal products spoil quickly without refrigeration, d... More »

Common methods for preserving grape jam include "water bath canning," freezing and refrigeration: in order of efficiency and duration. Because grape jam is an acidic food, it can be safely water bath canned, a technique ... More » Food Food Storage

Preserve roasted peppers at home with vinegar, kosher salt and olive oil. Properly prepared and stored roasted peppers stay preserved in the refrigerator for up to one year. More » Food Food Storage