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Stem ginger is much easier to make than you might think – it’s a case of peeling and slicing the ginger into chunks, covering with water and cooking until tender. Although some recipes use an “all in one” approach, I prefer to drain the cooking water from the ginger and use it to make a syrup – this way you have greater control over ...


I have a ginger cheese ball that requires stem ginger. It is very difficult to find. The ginger cheese ball recipe: 3 8oz. packages of cream cheese. I cup diced stem ginger I package slivered almonds toasted and slightly crushed. Using an electric mixer combine the cream cheese and diced ginger. Refrigerate over night. Roll in toasted almonds ...


Stem ginger refers to chunks of ginger candied and stored in simple syrup. The syrup is a standard reduction of sugar and water commonly used in baking and pastry. Stem ginger, as it's known in the United Kingdom, has several regional names, such as preserved ginger and canton ginger, in the ...


Chop it and add to ginger biscuits or cookies, mix into and top a steamed stem ginger pudding, maybe make an Anglo-Australian take on a lamington with some. Add it to some scones (like my hot cross ones), maybe make a version of my vanilla yogurt cake and add some ground ginger to the cakes and stem ginger to a buttercream filling with some ...


My use of stem ginger doesn’t just stop at the little balls of ginger either, I love to use the syrup in recipes. The sweet syrup infused with plenty of ginger kick can be used to liven up cocktails, be poured over ice cream or to sweeten up fruit salads.


what is stem ginger? what is it used for? ... The recipe I am using asks for 4 balls stem ginger how much is this? Answer Questions. How would you describe what a Casserole is? I tried googling it, and it just gave such a general definition, which was basically non-?


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We use only the finest young stem ginger harvested in southern China and carefully preserve it in sugar syrup. Ideal as a dessert with ice cream, use it in cakes and cookies or add to some rhubarb for added zing. A really versatile product superb for using as an ingredient in oriental style savory recipes. However, ginger is known for its ...


Stem ginger in syrup For recipes and serving suggestions on our full range please visit www.opiesfoods.com Young stem ginger from China perfect as an ingredient in savoury and sweet dishes, just imagine an oriental stir-fry or a delicately fiery ginger bread and butter pudding.


Stem ginger in syrup. I always have a jar of this ingredient handy – it's lovely in cakes, it does wonders for rhubarb, and can be used chopped as a garnish and sprinkled with its syrup over ice-cream. It keeps for ages, so it doesn't matter if you're not using it often. My favourite ginger cake is made with this.