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Steam cleaning in a washing machine is the process of adding steam during the washing process to help keep clothing and fabrics wrinkle-free and soft. The steam is introduced to the washing cycle during the pre-wash, wash and post-wash phases to improve cleaning, soaking and sterilization of clothin


Steam cleaning in a washing machine requires a machine that has a steam cleaning option. Many machines allow the user to select a dedicated steam cleaning cycle or add steam to a normal cycle. During steam cycles, steam and water work together to help soak fabrics more thoroughly, increase temperatu


ConsumerReports.org and CNET.com are good places to read washing machine reviews. Both websites offer descriptions of different types of washing machines and show the corresponding customer reviews. ConsumerSearch.com also offers a list of the best washing machines based on expert and user reviews


Reviews of high-powered washing machines can be found on the websites for appliance retailers such as The Home Depot, Best Buy and Sears. Reviews are written by site users and customers who have first-hand experience with the products.


Washing machines use several pieces of heavy internal components, including an electric motor, in conjunction with one another to spin and shake a hollow drum. Water flows freely through the drum in a rinse and drain process. This process works with chemical detergents to stir clothes so that the cl


Expert reviews are available from Good Housekeeping, Top Ten Reviews and Reviewed.com. User reviews are available on the product pages of washing machines sold by Sears.


Washing machines are primarily made of sheet steel. Usually, the spin tub is made of steel with a porcelain coating. Plastic parts also constitute a small part of a washing machine assembly.


Types of washing machines include traditional top-loading washers, high-efficiency top-loading washers, front-loading washers and compact washers. As its names indicates, top-loading washers require users to load from the top of the unit. Clothes are loaded from the front of front-loading washers.


As of 2015, reviews for GE washing machines are available on the websites for WashingMachineReview.com and Reviewed.com. Other business sites such as BestBuy and The Home Depot also provide user reviews for different models of GE washing machines.


Numerous LG washing machine reviews are available online. The independent reviews provided by Consumer Reports are regarded as a trustworthy option. Customer reviews posted on the websites of major LG retailers, such as Amazon and Best Buy, are valuable sources of information. LG's website also incl