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To use a name generator such as Fake Name Generator, choose a gender, country and name set and then press the Generate button to see some name suggestions. Fake Name Generator also offers advanced options that restrict the range of names that the generator can choose from.


There are seven living defined generations, which are the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y or Millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha.


There are few, if any, commercial steam electric generators intended for home use due to the significant safety concerns associated with steam-powered turbines of the size required to provide power to a home. The majority of home steam generators are small, self-built projects that produce around 2


Free business name generators are available on BusinessNameGenerator.com, NameThingy.com and Naming.net. BusinessNameGenerator.com lets users enter one or two keywords, and generates a list of business names based on these words. It offers users an option to check the availability of domain names us


A configurable baby forename generator with options for length, gender and starting letter is available at RandomNames.com. NameGenerator.biz has an option to generate full names for babies, and a biblical baby name generator is available at NameGenerators.org. BabyNameGenie.com also generates full


Spinxo.com and NameGenerator.biz are two screen name generators that offer a wide variety of functions. These generators create screen names for generator usage as well as for specific websites like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and more.


A craft name generator is an online tool for creating a business name for shops specializing in crafts or handmade products. Such tools, which can also check for domain name availability, can make up an entire website or may only be part of a bigger website.


Free online programs capable of generating funny names are available through Cheezus and Spinxo. Name Generator Fun also offers a number of free name generators, including a superhero name generator and a pirate name generator.


Witch name generators create entertaining witch names for people, either at random or based on a name input into the generator. Some generators provide male and female names, while others only provide female names. Some generators include the option for users to request a good or evil name.


A Euro Pro Steam Generator iron is a small dry-cleaning tool that generates steam to press clothing. The appliance is a handheld device that features a small water tank and iron. The Euro Pro Steam Generator is designed for home use to eliminate the need for professional dry cleaning.