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An IRS 1040 Form is one of the official forms that taxpayers in the United States can use to file annual income tax returns, according to TurboTax. There are three versions of this form: 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ, reports the Internal Revenue Service.


As of 2014, eight different IRS Service Centers receive 1040 forms filed by taxpayers and tax professionals, including addresses in Missouri, Texas, California, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and Connecticut. Residents who file Form 1040 send this document to a particular service center based on the


The IRS provides downloadable 1040 tax forms on its website. Go to IRS.gov and click Forms & Pubs at the top of the page. Scroll down the Forms & Publications page to find the tax forms. Click the form link to open the PDF and click the Download button.


The current IRS 1040 tax table is available on IRS.gov, the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS reports. Under Forms and Pubs, choose Tax Table to view the 1040 tax table.


Instructions for IRS form 1040 can be found online on the IRS website. The website has instructions for both the current as of 2015 forms, as well as forms from previous tax years.


The Internal Revenue Service offers 1040 forms online at its official website, IRS.gov. There is a direct link to Form 1040 from the home page of the website, as of 2015.


The statute of limitations for an IRS lien is typically 10 years as of 2015, but the collection period can extend beyond the 10-year limit if an installment agreement is in place to extend the statute of limitations up to the 89th day after the installment agreement expires, according to the U.S. In


Hard copies of the 1040 form instruction booklet can be found at IRS tax assistance centers, explains the IRS. To find a local center, visit IRS.gov and choose the Help & Resources option, then the Contact Your Local IRS Office selection. Choose your state for a listing of offices.


Beginning in 2011, the IRS stopped automatically mailing tax form packages, including Form 1040s, to taxpayers, according to the Internal Revenue Service. To locate a downloadable copy of Form 1040, go to IRS.gov and click on the tab labeled Forms & Pubs. As of 2015, the IRS has a special toll free


It is possible to request 2012 IRS forms by visiting the Internal Revenue Service's website, and clicking on the option for Forms and Publications, explains the IRS. From there, select the Prior Years option, then search for the 1040 form for 2012 using the search box.