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The statute of limitations for a felony in California varies by sentencing guidelines. LegalTips.org states that if a defendant is facing eight or more years of prison time, there is a six-year statute of limitations. If the felony carries a sentence of up to three years, the state has three years t


In California, there is no statute of limitations for collecting child support. This means that uncollected child support is always enforceable until fully paid.


Debt collection statutes of limitations vary by state, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau notes. Companies can attempt to collect a debt indefinitely, but they cannot sue debtors to collect debts for which the statute of limitations has expired, the Federal Trade Commission notes.


The applicable law and corresponding statute of limitations depends upon the type of fraud being committed, and who is committing it. One law commonly used to prosecute Section 8 fraud is the Federal False Claims Act, which has a 6 year statute of limitations (31 U.S.C. Section 3731(b)(1)).


According to Ramsell and Associates, the statue of limitations for a misdemeanor DUI is generally 18 months. For a felony DUI, the statute of limitations is typically three years.


The statute of limitations for an IRS lien is typically 10 years as of 2015, but the collection period can extend beyond the 10-year limit if an installment agreement is in place to extend the statute of limitations up to the 89th day after the installment agreement expires, according to the U.S. In


According to U.S. federal law the statute of limitations for credit card fraud is five years. After this time period it is impossible for the government to prosecute a credit card fraud offense.


The statute of limitations for collecting debt in Florida is four years for oral contracts or open-ended accounts. For written contracts or promissory notes, the statute of limitations is five years.


Important Florida laws and statutes include injury lawsuit filing deadlines, Florida's Comparative Negligence law, no-fault car insurance laws and liability laws for dog bite or attack cases, as AllLaw details. Florida also restricts the amount of money that injured individuals can receive in certai


Florida statutes are publicly available through the State of Florida Legislature website, leg.state.fl.us. This website includes complete information on all of the state's statutes but is not annotated. Alternatively, several private services, such as LexisNexis and Westlaw, offer access to both sta