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Find out the status of a tax return by using the IRS's Where's My Refund tool. This tool cannot be used until 72 hours, or three days, after the IRS acknowledges an e-filed return and three to four weeks after a paper return is mailed. Until then, the system sends out a message to try again later. T


Track the status of an IRS refund through the Where's My Refund? tool at IRS.gov, according to the Internal Revenue Service. As of 2015, taxpayers can start checking the status of their refunds 24 hours after they electronically file their returns.


The status of your tax return is available at the official website of the Internal Revenue Service and selecting the Where's My Refund? option, explains the IRS. You can start checking the status 24 hours after the IRS receives your electronically filed return.


A person can track the status of his IRS refund through the official website of the IRS, by utilizing the Where's My Refund tool, explains the Internal Revenue Service. A status update is usually available 24 hours after the IRS receives the taxpayer's electronically-filed tax return.


The refund status for taxes can be found on the Internal Revenue Service's website. Find and use the Where's My Refund? tool on the website.


Find the status of a tax refund by using the Where's My Refund? tool on the IRS website. Information for e-filed returns is available on the tool 72 hours after the refund is accepted by the IRS, and information for mailed returns is typically available three to four weeks after mailing the return,


The Internal Revenue Service offers two easy methods for taxpayers to check their refund statuses, including its Where's My Refund? tool and the IRS2Go mobile application, states the IRS. To use either method, taxpayers must know their Social Security numbers or individual taxpayer identification nu


The Internal Revenue Service website, irs.gov, has a "Where's My Refund?" link on the homepage that taxpayers use to find the status of their current year tax refund. A mobile app, IRS2Go, provides the same information. They are updated once a day.


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