According to the National Association of Counties, only one state has parishes instead of counties. Counties are called parishes in Louisiana, but the difference is not much more significant than the name alone. More »

Parishes in Louisiana include Orleans, East Baton Rouge, Acadia and Lafayette. Parishes are the political and geographical jurisdictions in the state of Louisiana. After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the Territory of O... More » Geography United States The South

Originally, Louisiana was the territory of Spain and then France, both Roman Catholic countries, and those colonial powers divided their lands according to church parish boundaries for administrative purposes. After anne... More »

There are 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania, located in the Northeastern United States of America. Lackawanna County became the 67th Pennsylvanian county in 1878. More » Geography United States

A memorization technique for learning the states in alphabetical order is to associate each state with a memorable image or phrase. Other methods include learning a poem or song that has them in alphabetical order and pl... More » Geography United States

A couple of fun facts for kids about individual states include Alaska's status as the largest state in the nation, and Rhode Island's status as the smallest state. If placed on the continental United States, Alaska would... More »

All fifty states have a state animal. Every state has a state mammal and a state bird. The state mammal can fall into one of three categories: land, marine, wildlife or domestic mammal. More » Geography United States