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Some towns with low costs of living include Harlingen, Texas; Fayetteville, Arkansas and McAllen, Texas. The town of Ashland, Ohio, is another area with a low cost of living.


Cost-of-living rates by state for 2014 are available at MissouriEconomy.org, states the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. Overall, Southern and Midwestern states had the lowest cost-of-living rates, and Alaska, Hawaii, New England and the West Coast were the most expensive states in


Low-cost business ideas that do not require much or any up-front capital include creative businesses such as jewelry making and personal service businesses such as childcare and tutoring, according to Entrepreneur. Many low-cost businesses focus on services that can be rendered without a physical lo


The state with the lowest cost of living as of the first quarter of 2014 was Mississippi, according to Cheat Sheet. The cost of living index in Mississippi was 87.8; for the next-lowest state, Tennessee, it was 89.7.


Cost of living differs between states and other geographical boundaries due to price differences in housing, groceries, health care, transportation and utilities. These factors may be different in separate states due to differences in social policies, tax rates and inflation levels.


Tennessee, Oklahoma and Arkansas are three states with low costs of living based on median salaries and housing prices, as of 2015. Each state offers affordable urban and rural living areas, as well as opportunities to explore social and nature-based activities.


To get low-cost auto insurance, research what kind of coverage is necessary, compare companies, take advantage of every available discount, take the highest possible deductible and shop around, states Edmunds.com. To get low-cost health insurance, check the income limits for low-cost insurance or Me


Some low-cost online courses are English Composition 1, College Algebra, Introduction to Statistics, Greek and Roman Civilization, Art History, Introduction to Economics and Introduction to Environmental Sciences, which are offered for free by University of the People, as of 2015. Other sites which


A cost of living increase is an increment in pay that is implemented with the intent to maintain the purchasing power of an employee's salary in the wake of inflation. Cost of living increases are also called cost of living adjustments, cost of living allowances and escalator clauses.


Low-cost housing projects provide decent and safe dwellings to eligible low-income families, the disabled and the elderly. Low-cost housing projects come in many sizes and types from single-family condominium units to high-rise apartments. There are roughly 1.2 million families living in low-cost ho