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Find free examples of statements of purpose on GMATClub.com and HappySchools.com as of 2015. Both websites provide samples for programs such as computer science, biotechnology and construction management.


A purpose statement is a sentence in the introduction to a written essay or report that alerts the reader to the intent of the document's content. An example is, "This paper will outline the common steps to preparing and presenting an effective sales proposal."


Letters were first used as a form of communication. With technology improvements, however, it has become a less popular way for people to communicate.


To write a statement of purpose, shape your words to reflect your interest in a particular institution where you wish to apply. Write the statement by introducing yourself, defining your motives for attending and explaining what you wish to achieve from the experience.


An example of a friendly letter should include four parts: a heading, a salutation, a body and a closing. A postscript can also be included to add a short note to the end of the letter.


A business letter is a formal method of communication between two or more parties. The common purposes of writing business letters are for sales efforts, relationship building, resolving an issue and considerations. They are written to clients, prospective customers, managers, employees and business


An application letter, often written in the form of an application essay, is devised to help colleges understand their applicants better and make informed decisions about who to accept into their university. An application essay is typically required for both undergraduate and graduate programs in t


A cover letter is an opportunity for a job applicant to introduce himself to a hiring manager and to offer details about qualifications beyond those presented in a resume. The term "cover letter" refers to its use as a lead-in to a submission of application materials, including a resume.


According to Investopedia, financial statements are used to ensure accurate and honest accounting for businesses and individuals. Accounting-Simplified.com points out that managers, shareholders, investors, financial institutions, governments, a company's competitors and the general public all have


To write an effective statement of purpose, use energetic vocabulary and phrasing that keeps admissions readers enthralled. Avoid clichés. Follow individual schools' instructions exactly, as this demonstrates the ability to take instruction. Edit repeatedly. It is common to write seven or eight draf