It is not possible to determine the average value of a state quarter with a mint error accurately. Each error type and/or individual error is unique with regard to the error's amount of detail, the degree of damage to th... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

State quarter errors are mistakes made on coins from the U.S. Mint's state quarter series, which was launched in 1999. Types of state quarter errors include missing design features, improper coatings, wrongly sized coins... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

There is no significant difference in the net worth of any given state quarter. So many cast from 1999 through 2008 that many decades need to pass before there is a significant increase in their value. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

As of 2015, no state quarter is more valuable than any other, as the majority of them are in circulation with a value of 25 cents. However, state quarters struck in error are more valuable to collectors due to their rari... More »

As of 2014, a 1952 quarter is valued at between $3.66 and $5.13 depending on its mint mark and its condition. Those with a San Francisco mint mark are worth the most, while 1952 quarters minted in Denver and Philadelphia... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

Estimate the value of a 1913 Buffalo nickel by determining the condition of the coin, its mint mark and other major attributes and by consulting a price guide such as or Determine the me... More »

Once you have identified the year, condition and mint of a silver dollar, you can obtain the current intrinsic value from a number of online coin experts, including, and PCGS. Coin enthusia... More »