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Lara's Trucks is owned by Flor Ramos, according to the Better Business Bureau. The customer contact and Finance Manager at the location is Rosie Ortiz.


Lara Spencer is an American television journalist who has hosted several entertainment and news programs on multiple networks. She is best known for her work on TV shows "Antiques Roadshow," "The Insider" and "The Today Show." Spencer is also a producer, director and author.


One fact about Lara Spencer is that she is an American television journalist and co-anchor for ABC's "Good Morning America" as of 2015. Another fact is that she also worked for "Nightline" and "ABC News."


Lara Spencer married journalist David Haffenreffer in 2000, in a ceremony held at the St. Andrew's Dune Church. The couple separated in March 2015 and divorced in June 2015. They have two children together.


As of March 2015, television journalist Lara Spencer has not worked as a model. She was a host of the Miss America pageants that took place in 2014 and 2015, however.


Lara Spencer's net worth is $6 million as of 2015. Spencer's earnings come from her work as a TV news anchor on "Good Morning America," "ABC News" and "Nightline." She was formerly the host of "Insider" and a regular contributor to "The CBS Early Show."


As of 2015, no reports have been publicly released about Lara Logan becoming a photographer; therefore none of her photography is available for viewing. Zimbio.com and GettyImages.com do however provide various images of Lara Logan. When selecting a picture, both websites provide a brief description


Lara Spencer's verified Twitter handle is LaraSpencer. She has been a member of Twitter since March 2009. As of November 2015, she has about 271,000 followers.


Lara Spencer left "Good Morning America" in 2004 to co-host "The Insider" with Pat O'Brien. The show was originally a segment on "Entertainment Tonight," and CBS Paramount Domestic distributed it.


Michigan officially became the 26th state on January 26, 1837. Prior to Michigan becoming a part of the United States, both Britain and other U.S. states, including Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut, had laid claims on its land.