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Below is a list of U.S. state birds as designated by each state's legislature, as well as the District of Columbia's state bird. The list also contains U.S. territory birds as designated by each territory's legislature. The selection of state birds began in 1927, when the legislatures for Alabama, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, Texas and Wyoming selected their state birds.


Official State Bird of Texas. Texas designated the mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) as official state bird in 1927 (Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 8, 40th Legislature).All State Birds. Northern Mockingbirds have extraordinary vocal abilities; they can sing up to 200 songs, including the songs of other birds, insect and amphibian sounds, even an occasional mechanical noise.


The northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) is the only mockingbird commonly found in North America.This bird is mainly a permanent resident, but northern birds may move south during harsh weather. This species has rarely been observed in Europe.This species was first described by Linnaeus in his Systema Naturæ in 1758 as Turdus polyglottos.The northern mockingbird is known for its mimicking ...


The birds look alike except the female has a little less white in her feathers and is slightly smaller than the male. Since the mockingbird's appearance is less than spectacular, you may wonder why Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, and Arkansas have all selected the mocker as their official state bird.


This is a list of U.S. state birds. State State bird Binomial nomenclature Image Year Alabama: Yellowhammer aka Northern Flicker (state bird) Colaptes auratus: 1927: Wild Turkey (state game bird) Meleagris gallopavo: 1980: Alaska: Willow Ptarmigan: ... Northern Mockingbird (former state bird) Mimus polyglottos: 1939 - 1948: Carolina Wren ...


State Bird; State Bird. Mockingbird. The common mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) is a superb songbird and mimic. Its own song has a pleasant lilting sound and is, at times, both varied and repetitive. Often, the mockingbird sings all night long, especially under bright springtime moonlight.


The northern mockingbird is also the state bird of Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. All State Birds. Northern mockingbirds have extraordinary vocal abilities - they can sing up to 200 songs, including the songs of other birds, insect and amphibian sounds (even an occasional mechanical noise).


The mockingbird is also known as a fierce protector of its nest and environment. It is sometimes seen swooping down on a dog, cat or predator that may be venturing too close to the bird's protected territory. The mimus polyglottos, as the mockingbird is known scientifically, is about ten inches in length, including its relatively long tail. It ...


The musical powers of this bird have often been taken notice of by European naturalists, and persons who find pleasure in listening to the song of different birds whilst in confinement or at large. Some of these persons have described the notes of the Nightingale as occasionally fully equal to those of our bird, but to compare her essays to the ...


If you’ve been hearing an endless string of 10 or 15 different birds singing outside your house, you might have a Northern Mockingbird in your yard. These slender-bodied gray birds apparently pour all their color into their personalities. They sing almost endlessly, even sometimes at night, and they flagrantly harass birds that intrude on their territories, flying slowly around them or ...