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(Contactor) and an N05N (Non-reversing. Overload Relay), factory assembled. Table A-4. Full Voltage Non-reversing DC-Operated, Open Type Starters (Size 00 – ...


Device Type. A = Starter. C = Contactor. Contactor Frame Size 1. NEMA. Size ... the table. For Sizes 00–2 and 5–8, the magnet coil alpha designation will be the ...


Jan 1, 2018 ... Open Type, 20–30 A Sizes,. Four–Six Poles. @ See “Auxiliary Contacts” for type and location of auxiliary contacts supplied. Table 30.2-3.


Using the table below, simply match the specific size starter to the horsepower rating of your motor. Every half-size starter saves you money—up to 31%.


they cost less than larger NEMA size starters. The following table shows Motor Matched sizes available. MM Size. Continuous. Amp Rating. HP. 230 ...


heaters from the information packaged with the control device. Phase. Size. Class ... Always be certain the correct heater element is installed in the starter before ...


The selection of the NEMA starters is done on the basis of their NEMA size, which varies from Size 00 to Size 9. NEMA Contactor and Starter Sizes Table.


SMP, SMP-1, SMP-2, and SMP-3 are trademarks of Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. Table of Contents. Page 2. Size 5 (series L). Renewal Parts.


... table by NEMA size. If full-load amperes of the motor falls between two ratings, select heaters for the higher rating. Base. Catalog Number. Starter/Overload ...


iv Table of Contents. MN894. Page 6. Section 1. General Information. General Information 1-1. MN894. Introduction. Three phase multipurpose soft starter control ...