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For full table - rotate the screen! Maximum Horsepower (hp). NEMA Size, NEMA Continuous Amp Rating (amps), Full Voltage Starting ...


Maximum HORSEPOWER 3 PHASE MOTORS. Full Voltage Starting. Auto Transformer Starting. Part Winding Starting. WYE - Delta Starting. NEMA SIZE.


NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) contactors and motor starters are rated by sizes. These sizes are grouped by rated current and power.


STARTER SELECTION CHART. Basic starter size selection is based upon the horsepower and voltage of the motor the starter is controlling. This information can ...


The table also provides maximum ratings for each motor starter when it's used in plugging applications. Plugging means that two legs of the voltage supplied to a  ...


Motor Starter Sizing Chart. MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER SINGLE-PHASE MOTORS. NEMA SIZE, 115 Volts, 230 Volts. 00, 1/ ...


Device Type. A = Starter. C = Contactor. Contactor Frame Size 1. NEMA. Size. Continuous ... 3 Underscore (_) indicates coil suffix required, see AC Suffix table.


... contains new and updated information as indicated in the following table. ... (2) Size 7 starters are shipped with a 250 VA control circuit transformer and an ...


NEMA Starter and Fuse Selection Table. ... Starter, Heater Element, Bussmann Low-Peak Yellow™ Fuse Max. Ampere ... 460V, 575V, NEMA Size, Basic Cat.


Apr 3, 2017 ... Sizing an IEC starter of the same type requires knowing the motor load, the duty cycle and full load current. NEMA standards list 10 sizes to cover ...