A starfish is also known as a sea star because of its star-like shape and its five legs. In fact, sea star is a more appropriate name because this marine animal isn't a fish. It has no backbone, making it an invertebrate... More »

Some fun activities in Phoenix for kids include skating at the Arcadia Ice Arena and visiting Castles ~n~ Coasters or the Enchanted Island Amusement Park. The Arizona State Fair also has rides and activities for kids and... More »

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Some fun online dolphin swimming games for kids include “Splash Down” and “Through the Pacific.” Players control their dolphins using the arrow keys in “Splash Down” and the computer mouse in “Through the Pacific.” More »

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The scientific name for a starfish, also called a sea star, is Asteroidea. These creatures are members of the phylum Echinodermata. Echinoderms live in the ocean and have radial symmetry, with appendages usually appearin... More »

To preserve a starfish, soak the starfish in alcohol and place it in a sunny location outdoors until it is completely dry. Salt and baking soda can also be used to preserve starfish. More »

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Starfish move using tube feet on their undersides. Their feet use seawater to form a hydraulic system. The starfish's vascular system is open and relies on the water around it rather than internal pressure. Starfish can ... More »

Starfish can live an average of 35 years in the wild. Their regenerative abilities contribute to their long lifespan. Vital organs are located in the arms, allowing a starfish to survive even if most of the body is destr... More »

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