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Starch is a complex carbohydrate commonly found in grains and tubers. Some common foods that contain starch include potatoes, corn, rice, beans and lentils. Starches must be digested and broken down before the body can use them for energy and structural support.


Starch is a nutrient of the type called carbohydrates. Starches are also called complex carbohydrates because they are made up of chains of simple carbohydrates or sugars. When starches are metabolized, they are first broken up into fast-acting sugars.


White rice, cornmeal and white potatoes are the three foods with the highest levels of starch. Just one serving of white rice (parboiled, cooked and unenriched) has 47 grams of starch. These types of foods generally digest in a very short time and cause blood sugar levels to spike.


Starch’s structure is composed of the two compounds amylose and amylopectin. The chemical formula for starch is (C6H10O5)n. Starch is a polysaccharide that consist of glucose monomers.


Liquid starch is an additive sprayed on clothes before ironing to make it easier to get crisp seams and a wrinkle-free finish. Commercial liquid starch is mixed with water in a spray bottle and misted onto clothes before ironing. The main ingredients are water and cornstarch, although some brands ha


The test that is usually used to identify the presence of starch in a sample is the iodine test. One of the two components of starch, specifically amylose, reacts to iodine, generating a deep blue color. Although the presence of simple carbohydrates is also detected using Benedict's solution, starch


In a solution, iodine ions indicate the presence of starch by changing the color of the solution from yellow to intense blue. Iodine ions are typically added to a solution as potassium iodide.


An iodine self test is a home test for iodine deficiency performed by painting a patch of orange iodine tincture on the skin and checking the color the next day, as instructed by Dr. David Williams. If the patch is faded or gone completely, the user is probably iodine deficient.


Corn may be considered either a vegetable or a starch depending upon variety and usage. Sweet corn is considered a vegetable for culinary purposes, while field corn and popcorn are considered a starch.


Some vegetables that are rich in iodine include baked potatoes, canned corn, green beans and sea vegetables. Sea vegetables include kelp, arame, hiziki, kombu and wakame. Kelp has the highest iodine content of any food on the planet with just one serving offering over four times the daily minimum.