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Medieval Italian lyric style poetry with five or six stanzas and a shorter ending ... un-rhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, usually containing a season ... A quatrain in iambic tetrameter with a rhyme scheme of "abba" -- named after the  ...


A three line stanza is called a tercet. A four line stanza is a quatrain, and a five line stanza is a quintet. Two other common lengths are a sestet, six lines; and an  ...


His servants up, and rise by five a clock, ... A tercet, sometimes also called a triplet, is a stanza with three lines of the same rhyme (aaa or two rhyming lines ...


A Quintain, sometimes called a Quintet, is a poem or stanza with five lines. It can follow any meter or line length. The Limerick is the most well-known example of ...


A stanza is a group of lines that form the basic metrical unit in a poem. ... Tercets - Stanzas with three lines that may or may not rhyme, also known as triplets ... Quintain - Stanzas with five lines that may or may not rhyme ... These are usually light-hearted and funny, containing simple and easy words kids can learn. Consider ...


Five lines- quintet ... Thirteen lines- can be called a RONDEL(Which is the combination of two quatrains followed by a quintet) ... What does a good poem contain? ... is a heptastich; eight lines is an octave; nine lines is a Spenserian stanza.


Jul 2, 2019 ... It is a unit of poetry composed of lines that relate to a similar thought or topic—like a paragraph in prose or ... A stanza with five lines. ... Named after Edward Spenser's unique stanza structure in his poem “The Faerie Queene.


A poem or stanza with one line is called a monostich, one with two lines is a couplet; ... Circle each group of symbols containing just one long, stressed syllable / in ... tetrameter; five feet, pentameter; six feet, hexameter; seven feet, heptameter.


A stanza is a set of lines in a poem grouped together and set apart from other stanzas ... That is to say that both stanzas and paragraphs contain related information, ... (also known as Petrarchan sonnets) are made up of an octave and a sestet.