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The chemical formula for tin(II) nitride is Sn3N2. The chemical symbol Sn is used to represent tin, while the chemical symbol N is used to represent nitrogen. An ion is an element or chemical compound with either a positive or negative charge. When two ions, such as tin(II) and nitride combine, they form a molecule: a chemical compound with no ...


What Is the Chemical Formula for Tin(IV) Nitrate? The chemical formula for tin(IV) nitrate, also known as stannic nitrate, is Sn(NO 3 ) 4 . It is synthesized by the reaction of 70 percent composition of nitric acid and tin.


What is the formula for manganese II nitride? Mn 3 N 2 i think its actually Mn(NO 3 ) 2 This is a nitrate ! ------- The general formula of manganese nitrides is Mn x N where x is between 2 and 4.


How do you write the formula of tin (II) nitride? Chemistry Ionic Bonds Writing Ionic Formulas. 1 Answer David G. Apr 15, 2016 Tin (II) has an oxidation state of +2 and nitride has an oxidation state of -3, so a balanced compound will have the formula #Sn_3N_2# (+6 and -6 for a total of 0). Related questions ...


Tin(II) Nitride Sn3N2 Molar Mass, Molecular Weight


Best Answer: tin has valences of 4/2 nitrogen has 5,4,3,2,-3 if it was a nitrate the valence number would be 3 or larger for N so unless I have forgotten my college chem ur formula should be Sn4N2


Sn3N2 when nonmetals are written as ions, they drop their ending and take on the suffix "ide" nitrogen is nitride, and since the oxidation number is -3 for N and +2 for Tin, you end up with


"Stannic nitride, "Sn_3N_4 Stannic nitride is composed of stannic ion, Sn^(4+), and nitride ion, N^(3-). ... Socratic Meta Featured Answers Chemistry ... What is the formula for tin (IV) nitride? Chemistry Ionic Bonds Writing Ionic Formulas. 1 Answer anor277 Jun 27, 2016 ...


Silver nitride is an explosive chemical compound with symbol Ag 3 N. It is a black, metallic-looking solid which is formed when silver oxide or silver nitrate is dissolved in concentrated solutions of ammonia, causing formation of the diammine silver complex which subsequently breaks down to Ag 3 N.


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