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Sit-ups are the basic exercise that is used to strengthen the abdominal muscles. They involve laying flat and raising one's torso from the ground. Compared to abdominal crunches, sit-ups exercise many other core muscles.


According to Bodybuilding.com, crunches are preferable for those wishing to work their abdominal muscles and get them in shape. Sit-ups rely primarily on the psoas muscle that runs from the lower back to the front of the thighs; as a result, they do little to build the ...


Sit-ups do not contribute to the loss of belly fat and have a minimal affect on burning calories. It is not possible to target specific areas of the body for weight loss, such as performing sit-ups to achieve a flat stomach or to gain six-pack abs.


A person burns roughly 50 percent more calories standing than sitting, reports KVAL.com. An average person burns 107 calories per hour sitting. Results vary by size and metabolism, but a 155-pound person burns about 50 calories more per hour when standing.


There are literally dozens of different core exercises that can be classified as sit-ups. These include crunches, chinnies, jack-knife, straight-leg, weighted and Swiss-ball sit-ups, plus Russian twists. According to Muscle Prodigy, Janda-style, V-type and commando sit-...


Babies generally sit up independently between the ages of four and nine months. Before they can sit up, babies must have some degree of coordination and muscle strength.


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