Ready to find a refrigerator that fits perfectly in your kitchen? Our fridge size ... Standard refrigerator sizes for bottom-freezer, top-freezer, French door and side ...


Typically, the standard size for a professional-grade refrigerator falls between 30 to 36 inches width, 67 to 70 inches in height, and 29 to 35 inches in depth. When  ...


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Most top-mount refrigerator/freezer units range from about 23 to 36 inches in width, 65 to 69 inches in height, and 24 to 33 inches in depth. In addition, it will have ...


Measure the entire path your refrigerator will take to get into the kitchen. ... counter-depth refrigerators offer a shallower profile than standard-depth refrigerators, ...


Mar 3, 2019 ... A standard refrigerator size depends on the style of appliance you are ... without hitting a kitchen island, adjacent counter or other appliance.


Out of all kitchen appliances, refrigerators have the least standard depth, however, height is usually around 70 inches and width is usually around 36 inches.


Jul 25, 2019 ... You'll need to consider both refrigerator sizes and refrigerator types when ... you risk not being able to fit it in your front door, let alone in your kitchen. ... You get more storage space with standard depth fridges since they are ...


Counter-depth refrigerators are designed to match a standard kitchen cabinet depth of 24 inches, although it should be ...


What is the Standard Size of a Refrigerator? A stainless steel standard refrigerator fit into built-in cabinets.