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Stair lifts are available for straight or curved flights of stairs and for use indoors or outdoors. Models are available with or without seats. Standard stair lifts are intended for people weighing up to about 300 pounds, and heavy-duty models accommodate larger individuals who weigh 500 to 600 poun


Stair lifts that get good reviews include the Acorn 120 Superglide and the AmeriGlide Horizon Stairlift, notes TopTenReviews.com. Another stairlift that gets good reviews is the Handicare 1000.


Companies offering stair lifts include Stannah Mountain West Stairlifts in Centerville, Utah, and Bruno Independent Living Aids, which has dealers throughout the United States. Another stair lift company is Arrow Lift, which has locations in Twin Cities, Duluth, Bloomington and Blaine, Minnesota; Fo


Tips for comparing the prices of stair lifts include checking the maximum load capacity, the height of the seat and back, the age of the lift and the maximum travel distance. Buyers should also consider the age and style of the lift, as well as additional features, to determine the best value.


Locate replacement stair lift parts at online accessibility parts retailers, such as AmeriGlide.com and USMedicalSupplies.com, and online lift specialty parts retailers, such as Access2parts.com. The latter two websites feature online shopping options to order stair lift parts directly, while AmeriG


Acorn, Bruno, Handicare and Harmar are examples of outdoor stair lift brands. Stannah, Ascent and AmeriGlide are also brands offering stair lifts that are weather-proofed for use outdoors.


The different types of stairs include box, cap, double cap, winder and open. There are also bullnose stairs that work as part of a staircase. Different types of stairs are identified by their tread, riser and nosing.


Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight, Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift, Harmar SL350OD Outdoor Stair Lift, and Ameriglide Horizon Outdoor Stair Lift are a few of the lifts made for outdoor stairs. These brands also make other models of outdoor lifts that can be found on their websites.


To build a set of stairs, calculate its rise and run, cut stringers according to the calculations and install them, then attach the treads and risers to the stringers. Building stairs is fairly straightforward, with just a few design choices that builders need to consider before starting.


Building a set of stairs requires accurate math calculations and compliance with local building codes. Know the required vertical and horizontal distance for the staircase before beginning construction.