According to Jeld-Wen, knotty alder is a wood species that has a rustic look, a uniform texture and a pronounced grain. It is an ideal choice of wood for staining. More »

To finish a knotty alder door while preserving the natural beauty of the wood, SFGate suggests sanding and varnishing. The sanding process requires two sawhorses, 320- and 420-grit sand paper, and a vacuum cleaner and na... More »

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Birch wood is always a light shade, but the color varies depending on the species. White birch wood is light with a brown flame pattern near the center, yellow birch wood is light golden brown, and red birch wood looks s... More »

The alder tree can be found growing along the west coast of North America, most of Europe and in British Columbia. These trees are commonly found in moist areas, growing near or next to water. More »

Alder trees are cone-bearing trees that vary in height depending on the species, and they exist as large trees with single trunks or small trees and shrubs with ample foliage and multiple trunks. Alder trees are native t... More » Science Biology Botany

The keys to identifying elms are height, leaf size and texture, bark and overall shape. All elms are deciduous or semi-deciduous trees with alternate, asymmetrical, toothed leaves that are uneven at the base. Native elms... More »