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Check if your rabbit is pregnant. Medium to large size rabbits are sexually mature at 4 to 4.5 months, while giant breeds are ready at 6 to 9 months. If your female rabbit is at this stage of maturity and you have reason to suspect that she has been breeding, then check for pregnancy as follows.


If your rabbit is pregnant, it's important to ensure that she is getting enough food and water. Experts recommend gradually increasing the amount of food you give to a pregnant doe. You should also provide the doe with plenty of alfalfa hay, as this type of hay is very rich and provides the extra nutrients a pregnant or nursing doe will need.


But, the discovery of dead fetuses does not always mean your pregnant rabbit is done with her pregnancy. More recently, a doe delivered a healthy litter, but along with the live kits she delivered a partially developed dead fetus, and a tiny fetus that looked exactly like the fetus images above.


Raising rabbits for the pet or meat market can be a productive business. Rabbit breeders know it is essential for the animals and business's health to monitor a doe's pregnancy and prepare for the birth of her young. Knowing the signs of labor in a rabbit and preparing for emergencies can lead to a ...


If your rabbit is nesting and has pulled out fur, expect babies within the next week unless it is a false pregnancy. The links below contain more information about how to detect a rabbit pregnancy. Pet Rabbits, How to Care for Pregnant and Baby Rabbits; The following pages are from rabbit breeding sites.

blog.rabbitholehay.com/Care During the Different Life Stages of Rabbits

The life cycle of a rabbit in stages is not only interesting, it is important to your effective care a relationship with your rabbit. Let’s talk about it. Babyhood Newborn Rabbits. When rabbits are born it is not uncommon for them to nurse from the mother rabbit for only a couple minutes throughout the day.


Newborn Baby Rabbits Growth Phases Being there to watch your new litter of baby rabbits growth is some of the most fun time in any rabbit breeder’s hobby. Keep reading for a list of the key ages in your litter’s life and watch them grow into healthy and strong adult bunnies.


You should simply provide a calm environment and keep your distance. However, do keep an eye on everything to make sure the rabbit's delivery goes well and if you see something wrong, you can help her or call the vet. This is the answer to how long is a rabbit pregnant before giving birth; as you can see, a rabbit's pregnancy goes by really fast.


The life cycle of wild rabbits is a short one. Cottontail rabbits grow up quickly and may have young of their own the same year. Since they are prey for many other animals, their lives are often short.


The length of pregnancy in the rabbit is 31 days and the doe can produce from 1 to 12 young each time she gives birth. She can become pregnant again within a few days of giving birth. However it is not good practice to allow the doe to become pregnant straight after giving birth. It is better to mate the doe when her young (litter) are 4 weeks ...