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As of 2015, a stage 4 lymphoma cancer patient is likely to have a five-year-survival rate, states the American Cancer Society. Doctors use the number of years that surviving patients lived following treatment to determine the survival rate. If the condition of the patients improved after treatment,


The prognosis for stage III liver cancer depends on whether the cancer is localized or regional, according to the American Cancer Society. Localized liver cancers have a 28 percent five-year survival rate, while regional cancers have a 7 percent survival rate five years after the cancer is diagnosed


The prognosis for stage 3 renal cell, or kidney, cancer is a 53 percent survival rate five years after diagnosis, according to the American Cancer Society. Many factors affect the survival rate, including other health conditions the patient has and how well the cancer responds to treatment.


As of 2015, men and women who have colon cancer that metastasizes in the liver have a 7 percent and 8 percent five-year survival rate respectively, according to Cancer Research UK. However, these statistics do not take into account individual factors, such as the type of treatments done.


Unfortunately, the prognosis of a Stage IV pancreatic patient is bleak, with only a 1 percent survival rate five years after diagnosis, according to the American Cancer Society. If patients have been treated with surgery, their chances of survival may increase.


The stage 3 designation means colon cancer has spread beyond the colon to the lymph nodes. Within this designation, stage 3A refers to the presence of tumors within the colon wall that involve the lymph nodes and stage 3B refers to tumors that have grown through the colon wall and spread to between


Stage 4 colon cancer is a disease that has already spread to another site in the body, notes the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It is the most advanced stage of the disease.


The prognosis for oral cancer depends on its location and stage and ranges from a five-year relative survival rate of 93 percent to 20 percent for first-time cancer patients, according to the American Cancer Society. For local tongue cancer that has not spread, the five-year survival rate is 78 perc


Pain is a rare symptom with colon cancer, especially in the early stages, as EMedicineHealth explains. Abdominal pain due to colon cancer typically only occurs if the cancer causes perforation or blockage of the bowel.


The prognosis for prostate cancer depends on how far the cancer has spread once the doctor detects the disease, according to WebMD. Doctors use one of four stages to describe how advanced prostate cancer has become in a patient. Stage I has the best prognosis, and Stage IV has the worst. Better prog