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Looking for a Saint Bernard Keg? ... Personalize these quality Herman Oak Leather Keg Collars with your dog’s name! Customize with a variety of design choices and color. ... Your Big Girl or Big Boy will be the envy of the neighborhood, lake or beach! And it would look great on any Saint Bernard in a St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, 4th of ...


The wood barrel dog collar is a must have for any St. Bernard owner. The image of the St. Bernard saving wayward mountain climbers with a brandy barrel strapped around their neck has been in popular culture for almost 200 years.


The Keg Collar May Have Just Been an Artistic Choice But lo, another theory appears! In 1820, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, a prolific painter of animals after whom a dog breed was actually named , created an image of 2 Saint Bernards saving a traveler in the Great Saint Bernard Pass.


This St. Bernard barrel collar is the perfect accessory for your dog! Legends dating back to the early 1800s say that Saint Bernard rescue dogs would carry small kegs on their collars when they went off to rescue lost travelers.


In 1049, Bernard of Menthon (canonized St. Bernard in 1681 and confirmed as patron saint of the Alps in 1923) built a hospice on top of the temple ruins as a shelter for travelers.


Ideal for puppies and small breed dogs. This mini barrel is a solid piece of wood made to look like a barrel and is only 2 inches long, 1.75 inches wide at it's center and it weighs in at 3 ounces. These collar decorations are the perfect accessory for a new pup and a lot of people like to use them as every day wear for their adult Saint Bernards.


All you need to know about purchasing a St. Bernard Barrel. Beautiful Barrels with many collar and design options! Age your own spirits or use as a dog urn or decoration.


2 inches tall 2.5 inches in length this is an absolutely exquisite miniature of a St. Bernard dog the detail is such that there is the tap coming out of the keg get circles his neck you can see sculpt...


Our personalized St. Bernard Dog Collar is not just for a St Bernard dog. Features an engraved mini St. Bernard barrel, great for personalizing with your dog's name. Decorative St. Bernard barrel charm is made of solid wood. Includes free engraving.


Later, Charles painted two Saint Bernards, generally called Alpine Mastiffs then, saving a traveler in the Great Saint Bernard Pass in a snow storm. In 1831, his father and teacher made an engraving of this painting. One of the dogs was shown with a wooden keg or cask hanging from its collar.