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To keep squirrels out of your attic or to evict ones that may be nesting there, hang strobe lights in your attic. You must disrupt the safe, dark environment of the attic. You need strobe lights with plug-in extensions and an extension cord.


The best way to remove squirrels from an attic is to have the job done by a professional exterminator. To remove squirrels without professional help, use either a repeating live cage trap, which catches all of the squirrels coming in to the attic, or a one-way extrusion door, which denies entrance.


Squirrels can be eliminated by installing bright lights or a radio in the attic. Leave the lights or radio on around the clock for at least one month after installing them to encourage squirrels to move.


Removing squirrels from an attic humanely involves sealing off all possible entryways, except for the main entrance, and installing a repeater trap or a one-way door in order to trap them for relocation. Use of fatal methods, such as poisons or kill-traps, inside the attic are not recommended, as th


Trapping and relocating flying squirrels is an effective removal method. However, local laws and regulations in some areas require licensed professionals to trap and relocate flying squirrels.


To skin a squirrel, use a small, sharp knife to make a small cut under the tail and above the anus. Bend the tail back toward the spine and carefully cut the hide away from the body in a wide V-shape. Then, step on the loose piece of hide and the tail, grasp the hind legs, and pull upward until the


To remove bats from the attic, seal holes through which bats enter and leave the attic, and install a one-way exclusion device in their primary exit holes. This way bats will be able to fly out at night, but won't be able to enter the attic again. Once there are no more bats in the attic, take off t


To remove mold from an attic, seal and dry the affected area, remove any mold-covered material, use an appropriate cleaning solution, use a dry-ice gun, and sand or wire-brush the affected areas. Once the mold has been removed, coat all of the attic's surfaces with an antimicrobial or mold-inhibitin


To remove mold from an attic, remove any materials on which it is growing, including plywood, carpets and wallboard. Spray any materials that you cannot remove with a moldicide. Prevent future mold growth by repairing any leaks and creating adequate ventilation in the space.


Squirrels object to capsaicin, cider vinegar, mothballs, urine of predatory animals and skunk-like smells. These items can be used to deter squirrels from both the indoors and outdoors.