Squirrels have relatively typical rodent anatomy as they have long tails, four limbs and large incisors. Aside from their large front teeth, adult squirrels have 20 other teeth that allow them to chew food. The teeth of ... More »

Cleaning a squirrel takes nine simple steps, and, when done correctly, results in quality meat to use in a variety of recipes. It involves skinning, gutting and washing the squirrel. Start by soaking the squirrel in wate... More »

"Drunk squirrel" is not a species of squirrel but a reference to squirrels that have eaten fermented pumpkins or berries. Humorous videos and stories of "drunk" squirrels are widespread on the web and are a source of amu... More »

The white squirrel seen in the United States is an albino or white morph of the eastern gray squirrel. Albinism is caused by a mutation of the gene responsible for pigmentation, while the white morph is the product of th... More »

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Squirrels are rodents. All rodents are characterized by the presence of chisel-like gnawing teeth that grow constantly, and the squirrel family of rodents is called Sciuridae. More »

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You must feed a newborn squirrel Esbilac Powder Milk Replacer with added heavy whipping cream. Though this formula is made for puppies, its nutritional profile is also good for newborn squirrels. More »

Breeders, specialty pet stores and individual pet owners sell exotic squirrel species such as sugar gliders and flying squirrels. Some individuals also keep native gray squirrels as pets. However, keeping a squirrel as a... More »