Squatter's rights refers to the right of a person to legally use an unoccupied property in the absence of attempts by the owner to evict the squatter. Over time, depending on the respective state laws, the squatter can g... More »

In the state of Texas, the legal principle of adverse possession covers the idea of squatter's rights, according to Lone Star Land Law. This refers to a situation in which one legally claims property that originally belo... More »

Squatters get the rights to a home if they meet three general criteria: living in a manner that is open, continuous and hostile for a certain number of years, according to HowStuffWorks. Squatters should pay property tax... More »

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The basic civil rights of an American citizen include the right to life, property, liberty and happiness, according to Lawyers.com. These rights are labeled "inalienable" in the U.S. Constitution and are not the only typ... More »

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State-recognized common law wives and husbands have the same rights that spouses in traditional marriages have, including the right to collect Social Security benefits and inherit property, reports Nolo. Common law coupl... More »

Laws regarding property rights of way include ensuring that the property that a right of way runs on does not interfere with the easement, FindLaw says. Laws and rights regarding rights of way vary from state to state, N... More »

In the state of Michigan, the right of dower assigns a married woman one-third ownership rights to any property purchased by the husband. Dower rights are claimed after a husband dies. The widow is entitled to a portion ... More »