The square root of 40 is 6.3245553. The square root of 40 is also written as 2√10. Numbers that are perfect squares have a whole number as their square roots. More »

The square root of 1,600 is 40. The square root of any number can be determined by plugging it into the equation x times x equals y. Thus, for 1,600, the formula is 40 times 40 equals 1,600. More »

Calculating square roots can either be done by hand or with a calculator. With a calculator, calculating a square root is as easy as pressing the number followed by the square root sign. These numbers are often long and ... More » Math Algebra

The square root of 67 is exactly 8.18535277187245 based on calculator computations. This is typically rounded off to 8.19 for simplicity in using the value in any given math equation. More » Math Arithmetic

According to Saint Louis University, the ancient Egyptians created the square root and most likely used it for architecture, building pyramids and other daily activities that required math. Most of the present-day knowle... More »

The positive square root of 135 simplifies to 3 times the square root of 15, or 3 * sqrt(15). When using a calculator, the decimal value representing the square root of 135 is approximately 11.61895003862225. The negativ... More »

The cube root of 64 is 4. The cube root of a chosen number can be verified by multiplying a smaller number by itself three times in order to get the chosen number. More »