The square root of 162 is 12.72. The number can be found by using the square root function on a calculator or by estimating it based on the values of two perfect square roots that surround the number. More »

The simplified square root of 24 is 2 multiplied by the square root of 6, which can also be written as 2 sqrt (6). The square root of 24 is simplified by expressing it as a multiplication of the factors 4 and 6. The sqrt... More »

The simplified square root of 48 is 4 x sqrt(3). Simplifying a square root involves taking a number apart into factors, evaluating the square roots of those factors and representing the final result as whole numbers mult... More »

The square root of 85 is 9.2195445. The closest number to 85 that has a square root that is a whole number is 81, whose square root is 9. More »

The cube root of 64 is 4. The cube root of a chosen number can be verified by multiplying a smaller number by itself three times in order to get the chosen number. More »

The cube root of 54 is equal to 3.78. The cube root of a number, x, is equal to the number, y, such that y times y times y equals x. For the number 54, 3.78 times 3.78 times 3.78 is equal to 54. More »

The positive square root of 135 simplifies to 3 times the square root of 15, or 3 * sqrt(15). When using a calculator, the decimal value representing the square root of 135 is approximately 11.61895003862225. The negativ... More »