Take the number of square meters you have, and divide it by the number of square meters in 1 acre. One acre is about 4,047 square meters. More »

There are 2,023.43 square meters in half an acre. A half-acre is also equal to an area of 0.2 hectare, 2,420 square yards or 21,780 square feet. More »

An acre is 43,560 square feet of area in any shape. This measure of square footage is not surface area, but is instead a measure along a flat plane. A square-shaped acre plot has 208.7 feet per side, and a square mile co... More »

To convert acres to square feet, input the acre into a metric conversions calculator, and the calculator automatically converts acreage to square feet. Perform the calculation manually by equating one acre to 4,840 squar... More »

One meter equals 100 centimeters, so centimeters can be converted to meters by dividing the number of centimeters by 100 or multiplying the number by 0.01. For example, to convert 2,000 centimeters to meters, divide 2,00... More »

Cubic meters, which measure volume, are converted to tons, which measure mass, by multiplying the number of cubic meters of a substance by its density in units of cubic meters per ton. Density is a physical property defi... More »

To convert a measurement of length in micrometers to meters, divide the number of micrometers by one million to get the distance in meters. More »