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Writing a captain job description and interviewing your best leaders can help you reach this goal. Below is an example of a captain job description to help you in creating a job description unique to your team needs and in-line with what you expect from your team leaders and captains. CAPTAIN JOB DESCRIPTION. Job Title: TEAM CAPTAIN


Each team must be represented by a team captain. Team captains play a vital role because they provide leadership and serve as a liaison between the intramural program staff and the team. It is their responsibility to: Read and understand the rules and policies in this Handbook as they pertain to their team’s participation.


Now, we are ready to look at the different responsibilities of a team captain. Here the 10 attributes of a good Team Captain: 1. He’s a Team Leader Once the referees blow their whistle, get on the court. This is the time where the team captain steps up to be the leader of the team. He will try to reinforce the plays that their coach had ...


The captain is the official liaison between the team and Competitive Sports Program. The captain must be listed as a member of the team on the official team roster. Specific responsibilities of the captain include: Attending (or sending another team representative) to the mandatory captains’ meetings.


Team Spirit. A team captain should strive to keep player morale at its highest. He should organize social events for the team and should motivate the players by discussing goals and leading the team in cheers at meets. At the end of the year or season, a team leader should congratulate teammates on their accomplishments and hand out awards.


Captains should confirm the score with the other team and the Games Coordinator (GC) throughout the game; If score disputes arise, captains are expected to work with each other and the GC when applicable to decide on the correct score. For indoor sports, captains do not have to report the scores directly to the CSSC, this is the duty of the GC.


The position of captain is given to those athletes whom the rest of the team respect and trust to lead the team in the right direction. However, with this great honor also comes great responsibility. A captain must be accountable after a bad performance or practice. Captains are expected to perform in the clutch and lead the team to victory.


Responsibilities of a captain. The responsibilities of a captain vary from sport to sport, but overall help determine the game. In sports like cricket or volleyball, the decision for the two teams to be on either defence or offence is determined with a coin toss and a decision made by the captains.


The role of a captain in any sport is to advise teammates during the game and also to take charge of the team in the absence of the coach. The captain is the leader of the team. The team captain is supposed to be courageous and level-headed during the game so as to observe all the rules and lead as an example to his fellow playmates.